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Do you want to do something more personalized and not just follow the basic universal program? Do you want to know which exercises are the best for you and how can you go deeper and get more of it?

Then get a ful personalized program, designed only for you, for your facial characteristics, your needs and wishes on what you would like to work on.

We will talk about your facial gravitation, do face mapping, face reading, since every face si telling a different story and it has different needs, we will see what are your weakest area based on chinese medicine, what does your face and skin tell us about your internal organs,  and start from scratch.

What can you expect:

+ you will get 5 week long personalized workout plan, all in video and written form, to get the results as soon as possible

+ we will meet 5 times in one hour long 1-on-1 weekly sessions

+ video and written excercises

+ get a ful instructions about face exercises you should be working on, all the exercises you should do, massage techniques, acupressure points, breathing techniques

+ learn more about facial care and other remedies

+ which nutritions and foods is recommended to eat based on chinese medicine and face mapping

+ ask questions


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