Hey, join me on 5+1 week long face yoga basic online program! It will be fun.

Start anytime, workout at your own pace, at the time most conveniant for you.
The program is available in english and slovenian language.

Basic Program (plus bonuses)

Basic face yoga program is designed in specific order that targets your muscles in the right order! In 5 weeks we activate all the muscles of the face. The program stays with you forever.

+ You get 1h bonus 1on1 consultation with me after the training, so we can go over your specific needs and adjust the basic program for you.

+ You can choose your own gua sha for free from our store.

Live sessions | 5 week long program | Introductory 2 hours group course1 to 1 online session | Personalized plan

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Private Session

You can have private sessions with me. Just one hour or a whole personalized plan, where we go even deeper into your face, your facial structure, your needs and expectations and get even better results. 

I do advice you to first go through basic online training though, so that you will already get all the basic exercises, so it is easier to go forward from there.