Groovy Face Yoga Story

Hi, my name is Mateja, I come from Slovenia and have been face yoga enthusiast for many years. But even though I was doing face yoga exercises here and there, I was never really the type of person to do it regularly. And we all know – if you want results, consistency is the key. Just like going to the gym.

People like to say I never had wrinkles or bad skin … well, that is not quite true. I had big pores, oily skin with very dry upper layer. And wrinkles? Well of course I had them, still have them, but they are not as visible as they used to be. And the skin became so even and glowing.

In 2017 I had a severe burnout with panic and anxiety attacks. Didn’t even know what I had honestly, because no doctor told me this could be it. I’ve been in ER during the night several times in one year and there was nothing wrong with me. Physically.
Well, true. But after a year, when I discovered this is truly ”just” a burnout (later in 2021 my life fell completely apart after sevre losses (in couple of years I have lost both my parents, I have lost my uterus and had histerectomy, hormones went wild, and in the end my long term relationship ended abruptly, leaving me withouth a home, love and everyhting, so the burnout came back), I had to change a few things.

One was practicing meditation, yoga and eventually face yoga every day. The relaxation, breathing techniques, my god, they did wonders.

And no matter how many YouTube videos I watched and saved for later (yeah, like that is gonna help) I discovered that what I need to be persistent is a program! A PROGRAM! You know, so you just hit play and go along.

And I did just that. I did couple of them and that’s when the changes began. 

Of course I couldn’t just stay there, I needed to learn more. So I did a few teachers trainings and am now a certified teacher of Danielle Collins, Face Yoga Method and GlowinFace Face Yoga Method among others, and still every day I learn something new.

After couple of years I designed a program that suited me the most.
It’s a combination of exercises, massage and relaxation techniques, acupressure points, breathing techniques … the result is 5 week online basic program.

And Why Groovy?

Well, first of all because while practicing face yoga we make really funny, sometimes strange … well, GROOVY faces 🙂 It’s so much fun.

And the other is because I am also a licenced dance workout facilitator of The World Groove Movement and it’s just the thing and sooo connected, that it just had to be that!

Overall my life has just gone from good to even better. I actually always loved my face (well ok, to be totally honest I wanted to change my nose when I was in high school, but that passed eventually), but the think is … even getting older has not stopped me loving me. In fact because I do work out with my face as well as my body, I actually can look into mirror with even more love for myself. And that is what in the end really counts, right?

We only have one body, one face, it is our temple, out most sacred place, so we just need to love it to the max!